“Cultural Harmony”

On August 13, 2011, in the auditorium of Marymount college, St Culture Advocacy organized a beautiful evening with a multi-cultural showcase of local artists and international film &TV stars. From local side, Palos Verdes High School students played classical music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( Lillian Liao, William Liao, Rosie La Puma; Olivia Jong); The American Dance champion Daniela Olevsky and Edgar Khachaturov performed two south America dances "Samba" and "Paso Double"; PVSB Saxophone Quartet played Miniature Jazz Suite(Howard Savitt; Chiaki Maeda; Perry DeNisi; Andrea Sisk) and the West High school Advance Dance group showed the modern dance " Let me think about it" . From the International side, the film makers screened clips from two award winning movie " The Story of a piano" and "Horizon"; the star Nuoming Huari shared her new song " Beautiful grass land" with everyone. The hot point of the evening is the film clips that participated by STCA, many members found themselves in this movie which had been aired in CCTV at June---1.6 billion people watched, this movie named " Film culture exchange" and filmed STCA's first event in Hess park ( RPV).

Thanks for  the hard work of Judy Hu ( Event Chair);  Lynn Tang ( Program manager), Loren Kalin( General Affairs);  and Debora Meng ( co-MC) and Henry Zhang (co-MC, a Peninsula High school student).