Ben Hubley

Ben Hubley won the championship


Congratulations to Ben Hubley, ST Culture Advocacy Youth Ambassador, high honors student, freshman and water polo player at Santa Monica High School, who became the 2012 Southwest Regional Champion at the Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition held at UCLA's Popper Theatre on Saturday, May 5. Sponsored by UCLA's Confucius Institute and the People's Republic of China, the competition promotes Chinese language and culture for non- Chinese heritage contestants. The competition is open to high school and college students who are judged in three separate categories including a Culture Bee, a monologue performed in Chinese, and a special talent promoting Chinese culture. Ben chose to sing a Chinese version of a Justin Bieber song, that he had translated previously into Mandarin and uploaded as "Baobei" on youtube, with currently over 110,000 views. Judges included Xu Cuiying, Consulate General of the Peoples Republic of China in Los Angeles. Ben will join a few other winning contestants from Southern and Eastern regions in the United States in an international competition that will be held in China in October 2012. Winners receive one full year scholarship to study in China over the next five years.

Lynn Tang and Judy Hu were at site to support Ben !