On Jan. 22, 2011, with an invitation from Director Fang Zhang and lead actor Shujian Li (China's #1 Yu Opera star), STCA members went to Pasadena to watch the Yu Opera of "Cheng Ying rescues the orphan", based upon a true story over 2000 years old.

The film version of "Cheng Ying rescues the orphan", was the winner of 2010's best musical film in the 15th International Family Film Festival held in Raleigh Studio, Hollywood, CA. Director Zhang and actor Li directed and starred in both the opera and the film.

From watching the film to attending the live performance, we had such a great experience!

with Director Mr. Fang Zhang ( From Left, the 3rd)

With the China #1 Yu Opera Star, Mr. Shujian Li

With Actress Min Tian ( from right, # 3 ) and Caifen Lian ( right #2)

With Actor Xiaoguang Liu